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Muenchen, Alte Pinakothek, Duerer, Munich, Old painting gallery, Albrecht Duerer, Self portraet, Monaco di Baviera, Pinacoteca Vecchia, Múnich, Pinacoteca ViejaGuided tours in Munich’s museums – that means understanding paintings of different centuries in the many art galleries, experiencing the new Brandhorst Museum with contemporary art, visiting the antique sculptures in the “Glyptothek”; learning about Munich in the City Museum – and much more. So, whether you are interested in the old masters, like the Renaissance painter Albrecht Duerer from Nuremberg, or if you prefer the contemporary art scene, or Arts and Crafts, or technology and science or BMW cars — I will bring  you to the right collection and will help you to understand that which will astound you.
If you contact me I will be happy to recommend the collections that are suited to your interests.

München, Museum, Neue Pinakothek, Gemäldegalerie, Führung, Besichtigung, Ilona Brenner
München, Neue Pinakothek

You’ll find everything in our city, from paintings in the time-honored halls of the Alte Pinakothek to the masterpieces of the elegant Neue Pinakothek, from fine modern art on display in the Modern Pinakothek with its airy architecture to the newst collection of contemporary works in our Brandhorst Museum.  Here you will find works by arists like Andy Warhol or Cy Twombly.
Or maybe you prefer technology and the natural sciences? The hands-on Deutsches Museum teaches and gives insight and knowledge in a vivid and dynamic way. And the edifice itself is a masterpiece of architecture, built on a sandbank in the Isar river.
The changing exhibitions of the Jewish Museum are arranged according to an interesting new concept and show the culture and life of our Jewish community in the past and in the present.

München,Residenz, Führung, Besichtigung, guide, Ilona Brenner, Schatzkammer, Rundgang, Stadtrundgang, Zentrum, aco, residenza, tesoreria, giro, museo, castello, guida, visita, centro cittá
München, Residenz – Schatzkammer

If you are interested in craftsmanship you may want to see the Etruscan gold treasure in the State Collections of Antiquities or the outstanding medieval artworks in the National Bavarian Museum. Another interesting place is the Treasury in the residence with  goldsmiths‘ work, enamels, crystal objects, and of course, the royal insignia. The treasury was first established many centuries ago by the Wittelsbach family and was extended considerably over time. It reached its fullest development in the early 19th century, with the addition of the royal insignia of the newly created Kingdom of Bavaria.

But these are only some of our museums, we have many more and I will be happy to introduce them to you. Knowledge of the past, aspects of the present and questions regarding the future are topics in Munich’s museums and the museums themselves are places of active encounter.

Here is an overview of possible guided visits to some of Munich’s museums – please contact us for more details

  • Alte Pinakothek (Old Picture Gallery): from the Middle Ages to the 18th Century
  • Neue Pinakothek (New Picture Gallery): Paintings and sculptures of the 19th Century
  • Pinakothek der Moderne (Contemporary Gallery): Expressionism, Architecture, Concepual Art, Design
  • The “Blaue Reiter” (Blue Rider) in the Lenbach House – Birth of Expressionism in Munich
  • Jewels and Objects d’Arts of past centuries – Schatzkammer (Royal Treasury)
  • Deutsches Museum (German Museum) – hands-on natural sciences and technology
  • Etruscan Gold – Antikensammlung (State Collection of Antiquities)
  • The Jewish Museum – Biographies, mementos, identities and permanent dialogue
  • Bavarian National Museum – collection of Nativity scenes
  • Munich’s Civic Museum – History comes alive
  • Beer museum – a jewel of living tradition