Day Excursions

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It is so easy to explore the country side starting out from Munich: Upper Bavaria to the south – a world famous holiday destination with the beautiful Alpine foothills. And the mountains themselves with the Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany, crystal clear lakes and rugged mountain tops, monasteries that still brew their own beer.

You can visit the fairy-tale castles of King Ludwig II – this mysterious king left wonderful monuments in the countryside but none in Munich itself (you will learn why!). And not to forget the pilgrimage Church in the Meadow (Wieskirche), a rococo jewel and UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the Romantic Road you can admire the little town of Rothenburg with the well-preserved towers of the city wall and a spectacular medieval center.

Oberammergau, famous Passion Play village:  every 10 years the inhabitants of the village perform the Passion of Jesus Christ – due to an oath that goes back to the 17th century. You’ll be enchanted by the houses of the village painted with frescoes, by the woodcarvings and of course by the charming surroundings that attract visitors and sportsmen in summer and in winter. The next Passion Play is soon – in 2022! If you are lucky you will see the cows being brought back from the meadows to their stables after a day of grazing, or in September you might see the parade of the cows that spent the summer up in the high Alps being led down proudly and festively to their winter quarters.

Or you may want to visit the outstanding „Museum of Imagination“ of Lothar-Guenther Buchheim (author of “The Boat”), who succeeded in combining nature, his own works of art and his spectacular art collection with lively and dynamic changing exhibitions in his very own museum on lake Starnberg just south of Munich.

Other destinations in Bavaria:  the Romantic Road with small medieval towns ; Regensburg with its Roman heritage and monuments associated with the days of Germany’s Imperial Diet; the Three-River-City Passau, located on the confluence of the Inn, the Ilz and the Danube; the nearby “Spa Triangle” where one can attend to health and beauty; Freising with its imposing cathedral and the old centre.  And right over the Austrian border you find Salzburg (Mozart, Sound of Music), and the Lake District of the Salzburg region; Innsbruck, and the famous Swarovski Museum. There are many more destinations – all reachable in a comfortable day’s excursion.

Here are some ideas for you – send me an email with your choice or let me know what your special interests are:

  • The Fantastic Castles of Ludwig II – the “Fairy Tale” King – Neuschwanstein, Linderhof
  • Herrenchiemsee – Ludwigs retreat on an Island in Lake Chiem
  • Oberammergau , Wieskirche (Church in the Meadow) and the Monastery of Ettal
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the „Zugspitze“ (highest mountain in Germany )
  • Romantic Road and Rothenburg
  • Picturesque Murnau – Inspiration for the „Blue Rider“  and the 1st Expressionist paintings by Kandinski
  • Dachau Memorial Site
  • Augsburg , City of the Fugger Bankers
  • Regensburg – the Romans‘ „Ratisbona“ and Seat of the Perpetual Imperial Diet
  • Passau, City of Three Rivers
  • Salzburg, City of Mozart and Sound of Music
  • Salzkammergut – where the “White Gold” comes from
  • „Silent Night“ – written and composed in the 19th century in Oberndorf