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About me – Qualifications

Well, I grew up in Bavaria, on the Danube River – a bit North of Munich, I lived in Italy – a bit South of Munich, but finally I settled in Munich, the capital of my homeland, Bavaria. I certainly traveled a great deal and even lived for a while in London, Paris and Salamanca/Spain…

Museum Visits

Guided tours in Munich’s museums – that means understanding paintings of different centuries in the many art galleries, experiencing the new Brandhorst Museum with contemporary art, visiting the antique sculptures in the “Glyptothek”; learning about Munich in the City Museum – and much more. So, whether you are interested in the old masters, like the…

Parks and Gardens

Munich is so green, gardens and parks in each part of the city — an oasis for strollers.  Where? Along the Isar River there are pleasant walkways and meadow gardens; near the Residence and Nymphenburg Palace there are elegant formal baroque gardens, and quite near the old town there is the famous English Garden (which…

Day Excursions

It is so easy to explore the country side starting out from Munich: Upper Bavaria to the south – a world famous holiday destination with the beautiful Alpine foothills. And the mountains themselves with the Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany, crystal clear lakes and rugged mountain tops, monasteries that still brew their own beer….

Tour Manager Services

I know Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and all the Alpine countries like the back of my hand. And I’m also intimately acquainted with Italy, Great Britain, Spain, and France due to having lived in those countries for a part of my life. After more than 25 years of individual travelling and guiding international groups to places…


Ilona Brenner – Munich Tours, Klessingweg  4, D – 80997  Muenchen Tel.: +49 (0) 89 – 742 991 91, ilona (at)