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Immerse yourself in the world of music: Richard Strauss, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner, Carl Orff – they lived and worked in the city and permanently left their mark — perhaps the biggest mark being that Munich must be considered one of the great music-loving cities of the world.
Get acquainted with the elegant neoclassical architecture of King Ludwig I (grandfather of the “Fairy-tale” King Ludwig II); be delighted by the rococo artworks of the Asam Brothers who came from Upper Bavaria and worked for a long time in the city; enjoy the colorful hussle and bustle of the ”Viktualienmarkt” (Munich’s food market) and the vibrancy of Schwabing’s bohemian life-style.

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Munich – Oktoberfest
Monaco di Baviera, maschera, carnevale, guida, visita, cittá
Munich, carneval mask
 Munich is always good for surprises – above all during the ”Oktoberfest” (the biggest beer festival in the world), during Mardi Gras, and throughout the Christmas season, when you can stroll through the Munich Christmas Markets and enjoy the traditional customs of Advent. But Advent is also widely celebrated outside the city — and you would certainly enjoy experiencing it in the place where „Silent Night“ was written and composed back in the 19th century.
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Munich – Christmas market

A speciality during the Christmas season: learn how to bake Christmas Cookies the German way. And as for the culinary, how about a cooking class in Munich, out in the country or even in Italy?

Here are some more themes for you to chose from — send an email and let us know what you are interested in:

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Munich, Christmas cookies
cooking class in Munich, theme tour, guided tour, local guide, Ilona Brenner,
Munich – cooking class
Cokking class:
  • Munich – a Centre of the Arts in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • Musical Munich: Orlando di Lasso, Mozart, Wagner, Strauss and Orff
  • Munich – King Ludiwg’s „Athens on the River Isar“
  • Resistance during the Nazi periode – Georg Elser, Rupert Mayer and the Non-Violent Student Group Weisse Rose (White Rose)
  • The Porcelain Collections of Nymphenburg Palace and of Lustheim
  • The Oktoberfest – It all Began with a Wedding
  • Munich’s Fifth Season – Carneval
  • Christmas Markets – Handicrafts, and the World’s Largest „Feuerzangenbowle“ (Spiced Wine with a Flaming Sugar Cone)