Tour Guide Audio System

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Group without Tour Guide System

In former years I regretted very much that despite every attempt to speak audibly, the challenge of drowning out ambient noise both indoors and out never was really overcome.

The environment often represents an almost insurmountable problem — customers want to hear what guides are saying — why else sign up for a guided tour ? But very often audio conditions are not really optimal, undermining the groups attention – result: clients feel they don’t really get what they paid for. Fortunately there is now an effective way to enable tour members to make use of wireless-hi-tech sound technology – called tour guide audio system.

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Guiding in Nymphenburg Park with Tour Guide System

A light, easy-to-carry wireless receiver about the size and weight of a pack of cigarettes comes with an equally light-weight headset, compatible even with hearing aids. My clients can adjust the volume to their individual comfort level, and it does not mess up one’s hair.

My guests can now understand every word, they don’t have to strain to hear me, can concentrate on important information and enjoy the full learning experience – yet the headset does not entirely block ambient noise. For the photographers in the group, this technology is a boon. They can enjoy the explanations and stay in touch with the group even while taking pictires to their heart’s content. Thanks to the powerful transmitter they can hear me from as far as 300 feet away. So we use it on city walks, in museums, in parkspalaces and churches and during excursions (when applicable).

This new technological experience is remarkable – my groups are always favorably impressed and delighted by the quality and by the fact that they don’t have to strain to hear.

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