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Illona Brenner

Well, I grew up in Bavaria, on the Danube River – a bit North of Munich, I lived in Italy – a bit South of Munich, but finally I settled in Munich, the capital of my homeland, Bavaria.
I certainly traveled a great deal and even lived for a while in London, Paris and Salamanca/Spain – but I always came back to Munich. I have to admit: I love this city — it’s skyline and palaces and churches, the cozy beer gardens, the vibrant cafes, the theaters, the opera houses, the parks, the museums – simply stated, the life here that always demonstrates respect for the past and at the same time has both feet in the future. And I see myself as a bridge between this culture and way of life and that of our visitors.

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Linderhof, Waterparterre

And it is not only the City of Munich but also its superb surroundings that are amongst the most beautiful in Germany: the breath-taking outline of the Alpine mountains, the picturesque foothills dotted with pristine lakes (such as Starnbergersee, Königsee, and Ammersee) and villages where old customs are still part of daily life. There we find houses decorated with frescoes that were applied hundreds of years ago  (called „Lueftlmalerei“!), many charming baroque and rococo churches with typical onion-shaped domes, and a host of reminders that these villages are still thriving rural farming communities.  And last but not least, we have the famous castles of our „fairy tale“ King Ludwig II – Neuschwanstein, built on top of a rock, Linderhof, situated in a picturesque valley, and Herrenchiemsee, dominating an island.

I adore so many of Munich’s neighboring towns and cities, such as Nuremberg, Augsburg, Passau, Freising, Salzburg, and especially Regensburg, where I spent my childhood (just to name a few!) — I would love to be the one to show you these places, as well as to bring you in contact with the countless sources for recreation out in the country: Spas, winter and summer sports-centers and other places that interest you.

And it is important to reiterate that with me you can experience the authentic Munich and Bavaria! But also important to mention that due to my expertise I can also advise you on, and accompany you to other countries – besides being a local guide for Munich and Bavaria I have been traveling almost constantly for decades, both privately, and as a tour manager with international travel groups.  My calling has been to gather experiences and knowledge and to share them with visitors, be it in Munich, wider Bavaria, other parts of Germany, or fellow countries.

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As you can see, my thirst for knowledge and travel has also materialized in some guide books. In December 2017 I was co-author of the new game „Wer kennt Bayern“ (Who knows Bavaria) – it is only available in German.

Send me your inquiry – I am looking forward to hearing from you. And if you need a guide in a different language please contact me all the same – I have a very good network of colleagues who are professionals like me and speak many languages.

My Qualifications:

  • Tourist Guide Trainer (qualified by WFTGA Worlf Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and University of Cyprus)
  • Qualified Tour Manager
  • Local guide for Munich and Bavaria
  • Diploma Netherlands Institutes of Tourism and Transports
  • University Breda
  • Certified Tour Manager of IATM (International Association of Tour Managers Ltd.)
  • Author of Travel Literature
  • Lecturer at Adult Education Center Munich

Member of:

German Federal Association of Tourist Guides (Munich and Germany)

European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations

IATM (International Association of Tour Managers)