Munich is not only the capital of Bavaria or — as some call it the „City of the Beer”, but it is rather the „Secret Capital of Germany“, a unique place with quite a dazzling atmosphere. Come and visit our „City with a heart“ — the „Metropolis with the feel of a village“. What better way is there than having a real local, a true Bavarian, to take you around? Whether you come with your family, a group of friends or alone, I show you the historical center with competent explanations and down-to-earth information: the Marienplatz (main square), the food market, the Isar river, the Kings’ square – just to mention a few things to see. Send me an e-mail and together we plan your tour.

If you are interested in arts – I bring you to the so called “art district” and show you the collections and art works with their back grounds, history and stories. Or you like technique and sciences? Cars like BMW or Mercedes? In Munich you find it all and I tell you the whereabouts, the why, when and how.  Maybe you prefer to take it easy, go for a walk, sit in a shady beer garden or stroll over the Octoberfest – I accompany you and give you valuable insider information.

I really love Munich and I’d be happy to help you discover my city and get an authentic experience by guiding you with competency, expertise and care.

Whether you like music, architecture or history, whether you like the more traditional or the more modern way of life, whether you prefer it „gemuetlich“ (cozy) or lively (like carneval or Oktoberfest — tours of the Oktoberfest are done with the tourguide-system to block out the noise), or castles and churches in and around Munich, or the nature in our parks and gardens or along the Isar river or day trips to Ludwig’s castles, to Rothenburg, Regensburg or into Austria (Salzburg, Innsbruck) — you’ll learn and enjoy at the same time.

I can even set up programs for your round trips, study and educational tours not only through Bavaria and Germany but all over Europe and to other parts of the world – just contact me.